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Girls definition is geared towards the fashion forward girls that love talking and discussing the latest trends. It doesn't stop there though, discuss movies, post pictures of what you wore, ask for relationship advice. Not sure what to wear to a party? ask here! just need to vent? go ahead. Anything goes here.


We don't want to come up with 500 strict rules to kill the fun, but please follow a few simple guidelines.
-No ad promotions.
-Keep the drama to a minimum. Drama is everywhere, there's no avoiding it. But remember, everyone has their own opinion so please don't bash others just because they don't agree with you.
-Lj-cuts. Please keep large pictures under an LJ cut as to not kill everyones friend page.
-Add a subject line. It helps to keep things organized.
-Friends-only Entries. we want to keep this a locked community, so until I'm able to figure out how to set it so all entries are automatically friends only, please make them friends-only yourself before posting.